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Couple fight –

Couple ;; In 2011, Gulzar Khan from Pakistan entered India illegally, married his lover and concealed his real identification from her for the following 8 years, till he became arrested. Now he is waiting to listen if he may be deported returned to Pakistan.

a success cross-border love tales among Indians and Pakistanis are uncommon – relations are traumatic among the neighbours, who’ve fought 3 wars since they became unbiased international locations in 1947. This makes it difficult for people to get visas to journey to peer each different.

numerous Indians and Pakistanis have landed in hassle after illegally crossing the border for love. In latest years, many couples whose stories received media interest have attributed their meeting to the internet.

India-Pakistan on-line love story that ended in prison
within the case of Gulzar Khan and Daulat Bi, it commenced with a incorrect wide variety.

Mr Khan is from Sialkot place in Pakistan’s Punjab province (there may be a Punjab kingdom in India as properly, because the place become divided at some point of Partition in 1947). Ms Bi is from the southern Indian nation of Andhra Pradesh.

Mr Khan, who became working as a painter in Saudi Arabia, says he become attempting to name a former colleague in India in 2009. when he didn’t get through, he attempted converting a digit here and there, questioning he may have jotted down a wrong number.

“One of these random numbers linked him with me,” Ms Bi says.

She was a touch nervous approximately speaking to a stranger, she says. but he persisted.

Mr Khan says he did inform Ms Bi on the first call that he turned into from Punjab, however that he did not clarify that he meant the one in Pakistan. He additionally did now not monitor that he was a Christian – for years, even after their marriage, Ms Bi assumed he become a Muslim like her.

Over the subsequent years, they spoke often on the cellphone.

Ms Bi, who became a widow with a infant, says her household and neighbours could taunt her for talking to him.

“I used to tell him that it’s higher that I die,” she says. but he promised to come and marry her.

Mr Khan claims that he made numerous unsuccessful attempts to get a legitimate visa from the Indian embassy in Saudi Arabia.

finally, he decided to impersonate an Indian citizen. “I told [authorities] that I misplaced my passport, that i used to be an Indian and wanted to return to India,” he says, and showed them an identity card which had a black-and-white photograph of an Indian guy who looked just like him.

He became detained and issued an emergency certificate, after which he become deported to India, he says. The BBC has contacted the Indian embassy in Saudi Arabia for remark.

Mr Khan arrived in India’s Hyderabad metropolis in January 2011 and inside weeks, the couple married and moved to Ms Bi’s village in Nandyal district in Andhra Pradesh. Upon his arrival, the nearby police questioned him however no case was registered.

For the subsequent 8 years, the 2 lived collectively and had four more kids, with Mr Khan making a dwelling as a painter. He says he implemented for and were given an Aadhaar biometric card and different identification documents.

Mr Khan says he completely cut ties along with his family in Pakistan for the duration of this time. His uncle even visited Saudi Arabia to find out what occurred to him.

“We idea he may additionally have had an twist of fate,” his sister Sheela Lal, who lives inside the metropolis of Rawalpindi in Pakistan, informed BBC Urdu.

“As I lived with my new circle of relatives, I began thinking about myself an Indian,” Mr Khan says. however quickly, he says, reminiscences of home returned and he determined to go to Pakistan again.

In 2019, he become arrested at a railway station within the neighbouring Indian country of Telangana at the same time as looking to leave India with Ms Bi and their kids and charged with unlawful entry and procuring solid files.

in keeping with information reviews, intelligence agencies had tracked calls made by using Mr Khan to Pakistan. The Hyderabad police’s special research team, that is managing Mr Khan’s case, did now not reply to the BBC’s request for remark.

It was when he turned into arrested that Ms Bi in the end determined that Mr Khan became a Christian from Pakistan. “I fought with the police, saying that he is from Punjab,” she stated. “Then they instructed me that there is a Punjab in Pakistan too, and he’s from there.”

Ms Bi says she become initially greatly surprised to pay attention the fact however that she has now made peace with it. “How does it count now?” she asks.

After Mr Khan’s arrest, she sought assist from villagers and accrued cash for his criminal costs. A local court docket granted him bail in 2020 and a case on whether or not he should be deported is being heard.

In February 2022, Mr Khan became arrested once more after the Telangana authorities issued an order to detain what they described as “illegal migrants” inside the country.

The country’s high court docket then ordered that he be released until his deportation case turned into decided.

Mr Khan doesn’t deny the costs against him, acknowledging that he’s a Pakistani citizen who pretended to be an Indian. “I were given what I deserved. I have no lawsuits,” he advised the BBC.

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