Chandrayaan 3 sent first Signal after landing on Moon Surface

Chandrayaan 3 send first Signal after landing on moon See Soft Landing

LVM3-M4 / Chandrayaan-3 Mission- Launch Streaming

With the successful touchdown of the Lander Module of ISRO’s 0.33 lunar assignment Chandrayaan-3, India has reached the Moon! It has also became the primary u . s . a . to land close to the Moon’s south pole.

The Lander Module (LM) of the Indian space studies enterprise’s (ISRO) 0.33 lunar assignment Chandrayaan-three, released on July 14, made a efficiently touchdown on the Moon’s surface on August 23, making India best the fourth usa after the erstwhile america, the U.S. and China to make a soft landing at the lunar surface. Congratulating the crew of scientists at ISRO, PM Modi said, “India’s successful moon assignment is not India’s alone…Our approach of one earth, one own family one destiny is resonating throughout the globe…Moon project is based totally at the identical human centric method. So, this fulfillment belongs to all of humanity.”

precisely at 6.03 p.m. the lander touched the lunar surface and there was euphoric celebrations on the challenge Operations complicated (MOX) at ISRO Telemetry, tracking, and Command network (ISTRAC), Bengaluru. Following this, the Lander efficiently deployed the Rover on the way to carry out in-situ chemical evaluation of the lunar surface for the duration of the direction of its mobility. The Lander and the Rover with a venture life of one Lunar day (14 Earth days) have scientific payloads to carry out experiments at the lunar surface.

Image of Vikram lander on Moon Surface (isro)

ISRO makes history, historic movement of Chandrayaan-3

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