Morgan Stanley report 2023 : What is Great for India

Morgan Stanley is finally saying that India has changed a lot, compared to earlier, May 2013. Morgan Stanley said that India is not such a favorite country for investment, but now Morgan Stanley is saying that India  Better than  CHINA for investment!

According to Morgan these  countries of Asia are best for INVESTMENT like Korea, UAE, Japan, and some other  countries, but more than all these countries Morgan Stanley has placed India on number 1 slot!

What has Morgan Stanley done?

Morgan Stanley is one of the world’s largest investment bank and wealth management firm, this company has only 3 functions Institutional Securities, Wealth Management, and Investment Management. Morgan Stanley recorded $53.7 billion in revenues,

Morgan Stanley has about 6 trillion money for its investor

Morgan Stanley’s Assure future will grow to around 6.7, which is very good!

But if we look at China, according to Morgan Stanley

China’s growth rate in the 1950s was around 9.6 in the 1950s.

about 2.1% in the 1960s

5.4% te in 1970s

8.9 te in the 1980s

about 9.3 te in the 2000s

6.6% to 2010

around 3.5 in 2020

China’s decline started from 2020, but China has already kept the market strong, which will take a long time to nurture India!



But Indian Market Will Cover China One day


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